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Project Description

Cineville presents: Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Somewhere in the outback of New Zealand, the troubled teenager Ricky Baker accidentally unleashes a bizarre man hunt, in which his grumpy foster father involuntarily participates. This action adventure mixes all kinds of film genres in an original way. A must see for anyone who loves white Nikes, hilarious dialogues and a nice synthesizer soundtrack.

“Bizarre outback adventure”

★★★★★ Empire

“A big-hearted picture”

★★★★ The Guardian


Duration: 101 min
Director: Taika Waititi
With:  Sam Neill, Julian Dennison en Rima Te Wiata 
Language: English
Subs: none

From: New Zealand
Date: zondag 3 september

You’ll be left with a glow

★★★★★ Empire

Unbelievably hard not to love

★★★★ Independant

“Just do yourself a favour and see it”

★★★★★ NME

“A Love Letter to 1970s New Zealand Cinema”